In my practice I don’t make a real distinction between painting and photography. These two mediums represent for me two pillars of the same space of expression. I happen to paint on my photographs, to photograph my painting, or even to juxtapose painting and photography. Sometimes I use photography as a tool, sometimes as a practice and sometimes simply as a way to think. I believe it is interesting to maintain mediums in a certain form of disinclination if we wish to truly elicit a new material. Most of the questions that I hope to solve are not entering the frame of this Euclidean geometry. It is for this reason that in my work, objects appear floating in space without perspective. In my series Ekphraseis space is organized thanks to emptiness, it is composed of surface, of supports and of objects presented frontally. In these images, time is not suspended like in snapshot photography, it is rather expanded. It seems that each choice when it comes to the transcription of space will have a consequence on the temporality of images.

  • Egregores vue atelier 1

    Égrégores, pasiphae, MMXV
    Image extraite d’un ensemble de 18 photographies
    Tirage jet d’encre 80 x 60 cm sur Hahnemühle 300gr.
    Égrégores - Studio view